Standing Seam Metal Roof System





Standing Seam Metal Roof System

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Standing Seam Metal Roof System is a complete system consisting of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plates, aluminum alloy fixed bearings, rock wool insulation, waterproof membranes, etc., and then fixed on roof steel structural support system. REXI Façade, we have the experienced professional team providing you with the system solution. This technical system is commonly used for the roof system of stadiums and airports.

The core construction of the standing seam aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy metal roof system is a special shaped metal plate based on the standing seam design. No perforations are visible on the roof due to the way of support is hidden under the panel. The connection method of the roof panel block is to adopt its unique aluminum alloy fixing support. The standing seam of the slabs are engaged to form the close occlusal edge connection to keep the good waterproof performance, and the support can solve the problems caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The full length of panels, exactly the same length as the roof, reducing the joints numbers, lower the risk of the water leakage. It is easy and fast to be fixed and also very cheap. At the same time, the complete range of accessories for this roof system can meet the requirements of various architectural forms.







The metal sheet roof system has been proven by its use for many years and is an ideal choice for a variety of residential, commercial and public buildings. The first priority to consider for all roofs is the weatherproof, and this roof system completely solves the problem without questions. For positive and negative wind pressure values, refer to the numbers of China's building code, consider the height, shape, location, load probability, the comprehensive wind pressure coefficient and other building factors, and also refer to the roof parameters of the other project as the building standard; the main consideration is negative wind pressure, the maximum unfavorable load, normally, at corners and edges of buildings.


The Republic of Malta Airport Consuction Site

Standing seam metal panel width: 600mm

Standing seam metal length: 43,500mm

Surface color effect: metal original color

Waterproof film: Sika membrane 150, soft & elastic PVC film

Roof drainage slope: 2.5 %

Vertical edge height: 65mm

Wind load: 2.700 KN/m2

The standing seam metal roof system for Malta airport is more than 2000 m2.The full length of standing seam metal is nearly 45 m, 15 workers to move the seam metal , keeping it straight, not bent or damaged, this is a real team work, if one of the 15 workers moved slowly than others, he might damage the material. We worked together, finally completed this project without extra seam metal used, controlled all the cost in the budget, our clients are very happy.  

ReXi Façade, not only the workers, but also the technicians, are all with the team work spirit. We have the full confidence to serve our clients better, supply the good quality products and consultant service to help our clients control the cost in the budget.

It is ReXi Façade’s pleasure to work with Architects and Clients to construct the buildings unique, beautiful, elegant and cost-effective.   




In addition to sustainability and emphasis on green world, the attention of China curtain wall and windows & doors manufacturers is also focused on topics such as comfort, safety and extensive design, thanks to the wider use of electronic and electromechanical components in this area. For example, only windows and curtain walls that incorporate building system technology can adjust the indoor climate. The sensor measures air quality, humidity room temperature and light intensity, and stimulates an automatic response process that quickly reaches a preset value suitable for the user.

The future direction of the building is to bring more energy than it consumes, the so-called positive energy home. Innovative architectural building can also make a valuable contribution – photovoltaic components can be mounted directly onto roof or curtain wall coverings.

In order to implement the national building energy conservation policy, strengthen the construction management of building energy efficiency projects. Therefore, survival by quality and development is our company's quality policy. REXI Facade can provide the professional curtain wall solution according to your special requirements.


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