Curtain Wall Energy Efficient Solution





Curtain Wall Energy Efficient Solution

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Smart curtain wall - more comfortable and safer. In the design of the passive curtain wall system, according to the architectural design of the project, the preliminary design of the facade type and material type selection is carried out. In order to improve the overall energy efficient performance of the building, REXI, as the China curtain wall manufacturer and the curtain wall solution supplier, tirelessly explores many different ways to enhance the curtain walls and windows and doors’ energy efficiency, such as the use of new materials and coatings with lower thermal conductivity, or the reduction of the width of the facade and the use of better sealing attachments. Our technical and professional team has found that new processes incorporating glass and edge sealing systems produce better thermal insulation, and related measures include integration of photovoltaic and solar heating systems, connecting the upper end of the building envelope to the construction system. And improve the use of daylight, etc.

The successful energy efficient solution is mainly based on following criteria for the cool, temperate climate zone.


Aluminium - mullion and transom facade, standard values used for screw and (plastic) glass carrier. Screw channel and pressure-plate: PVC. Insulation: Kingspan Kooltherm (0,023 W/mK) and XPE foam (0,040 W/mK). Pane thickness: 60 mm (8/18/8/18/8 mm). Rebate depth: 16 mm. Spacer: TGI Precision.



The element U-values were calculated for the test element size of 1.20 m × 2.50 m with Ug = 0.70 W/(m2 K). If a higher quality glazing is used, the element U-values will improve as follows:


Ug =





W/(m2 K)







W/(m2 K)

Transparent building components are sorted into efficiency classes depending on the heat losses through the opaque part. The frame U-Values, frame widths, thermal bridges at the glazing edge and the glazing edge lengths are included in these heat losses. A more detailed report of the calculations performed in the context of certification is available from the manufacturer.

The Passive House Institute has defined international component criteria for seven climate zones. To some extent, the criteria also applies to the passive windows and the passive doors. In principle, components that have been certified for climate zones with higher thermal requirements may also be used in climates with less stringent requirements. In a particular climate zone it may make sense to use a component of a higher thermal quality which has been certified for a climate zone with more stringent requirements.





8mm Solarkul DJ70 Tempered+16mm AR warm Spacer+6mm Clear Glass Tempered +16mm AR warm Spacer +8mm Solarkul SJ90 Tempered





In addition to sustainability and emphasis on energy efficiency, the attention of China curtain wall and windows and doors manufacturers is also focused on topics such as comfort, safety and extensive design, thanks to the wider use of electronic and electromechanical components in this area. For example, only windows and curtain walls that incorporate building system technology can adjust the indoor climate. The sensor measures air quality, humidity room temperature and light intensity, and stimulates an automatic response process that quickly reaches a preset value suitable for the user.

The future direction of the building is to bring more energy than it consumes, the so-called positive energy home. Innovative windows and curtain walls can also make a valuable contribution – photovoltaic components can be mounted directly onto roof or curtain wall coverings.

In order to implement the national building energy conservation policy, strengthen the construction management of building energy efficiency projects. Therefore, survival by quality and development is our company's quality policy. We can provide the professional curtain wall solution according to your special requirements.

With a wealth of experience, REXI is your best choice.

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