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General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the strategic concept of constructing the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the 21st Century "Maritime Silk Road" as the "Belt and Road". Once this strategic concept is put forward, it is highly valued by the international community and has received wide support from countries along the route. The relevant domestic provinces and cities are also gearing up, and its international influence and strategic significance can be seen. Over these years, China and relevant countries and regional organizations have made great efforts to jointly build a "ribbon silk road" with innovative cooperation mode, and to promote bilateral and regional cooperation along the way from the line to the film, and have made gratifying progress.


This grand concept of transcending time and space, undertaking ancient and modern times, connecting China and foreign countries, and giving the ancient Silk Road a new era connotation, is hailed as a forward-looking strategic concept, a peaceful development and a win-win road, and a great cause of down-to-earth. Therefore, as a new innovative export enterprise in China, REXI adheres to the spirit of the ancient Silk Road with the core of mutual trust, equality and mutual benefit, tolerance and mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win, and conforms to the 21st century era of peace, development, cooperation and win-win. The trend, the "Chinese Dream" and the "World Dream" are organically linked, which has far-reaching strategic significance and high influence on the development of REXI.


The “One Belt, One Road” concept has turned into a reality, and REXI's cooperation with overseas customers has made great progress. Significant progress has been made in the future expansion of REXI's overseas market.

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