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Almaty International Airport Expension project aims to expand the airport infrastructure and improve service levels at the Almaty International Airport complex. In terms of passenger numbers, ALA is the biggest airport in Kazakhstan (served 6.4 million passengers in 2019), yet does not meet international airport infrastructure standards. With the construction of a new international terminal, the modernization of the domestic terminal, and the adoption of IATA's Optimum Level of Service standards, the airport will be able to provide better quality aeronautical services and expand its commercial space to offer a wider scope of non-aeronautical services.


REXI supplied two kinds of China architectural glasses for this project:


1)     6.6.4(Standard PVB) With SDF162#4 On Clear HS Laminated+16Air+5.5.4(Standard PVB)Clear HS Laminated


It is kinds of China Double laminated insulating glass units which have both a laminated inboard and laminated outboard with a space in between. This configuration is often selected when improved OITC acoustic performance is desired such as in Airport. In addition, REXI double laminated insulating units can meet protective glazing requirements.

There are eight surfaces in a double laminated insulating glass unit and one primary options for Low-E or Reflective coating placement within the unit.  Superior solar performance, including an improved u-value, is achieved by placing the coating on the #4 surface, touching the air space.


2)     8mm SDF162#2 On Clear HS+16Air+8mm Clear HS With Ceramic Frit#3


REXI Insulating glass consists of two or more plies of glass enclosed by a spacer. It is the most common China insulating glass unit is constructed with two plies of glass and one sealed air space. The primary benefit of insulating glass is the improvement in solar performance that it provides by reducing the heat gain or loss. In addition to the improved solar performance, insulating glass offers a greater availability of coatings. Low-E coatings which cannot be exposed, and therefore cannot be used with monolithic glass, can be used inside the insulating unit where they are protected by the hermetically sealed space. Above kinds of glass is used for spandrel location, a full coverage opaque ceramic frit applied to the inner face (surface #3).






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